Four Ways To Safely Hitchhike Across The U.s.

Hitchhiking is a popular way to travel across the United States; however, it carries certain risks, especially if you are inexperienced. But, to protect yourself, we have come up with a couple of ways which will keep you safe on your trip.

Be confident

When you are on the road, always look the driver in the eyes and make sure to offer a smile. You don’t want to look like a weirdo, but a friendly person who just needs a ride. Smiling is an essential part of this process. You could pretend that car is one of your friends who is just about to drive you.

In this case, a couple of seconds is all you need to make a good impression. On the other hand, smiling for a few hours on beaming sunlight isn’t an easy job, but if you want to make it, then don’t look anxious or afraid. Otherwise, you might attract the wrong crowd. Make sure to be confident in your skin.

Look presentable

Every driver avoids picking up a strange-looking person, so dress casually in bright or light cloths. You shouldn’t wear black clothes if you can avoid it, keep your luggage small like a backpack and get rid off the wear sunglasses because people want to look in your eyes. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets, don’t drink, sit on the road, or drink.

Many drivers would pick up hitchhikers who look like them. For example, if you are in Kansas or in Colorado, then consider buying a cowboy hat, to blend into the environment.

Select a good spot

Vehicles won’t stop unless the place is safe, so you should consider interstate on-ramps because the cars aren’t moving very fast and there is usually a place where to stop. The longer the driver can see you, the better. You should also look for areas that have a bit of shade and can protect you from the sun.

If you are hitchhiking in the big cities, then it can be a challenging task. Additionally, you should avoid the spots near the government facilities because it will be impossible to get a ride.

Start a conversation

People usually pick up hitchhikers for a reason. Maybe they are bored and want company on the road, or they just want to listen to travel stories. Therefore, by engaging in a conversation, you will repay them for their service and thanking them for their generosity.